I have a few issues. I'm late in the linux game but i arrived. And already frustrated. I installed Debian 9.9 usb iso image. Installation was done. My issues.

  1. My system is 4 years old has an onboard ethernet. But i use a wifi dongle connect to a TP link router in my house because there is no possibility of wiring till my system. So when i had installed, i did so without any internet but have a functional OS. (Debian 9.0 Xfce)

  2. Would like to connect the interent. lsusb shows my wifi dongle as Ralink Technology, Corp, RT5370 Wireless Adapter. iwconfig doesnt show wlan instead shows name as wlxc83a35c6e9bf gives. how do i inject firmware for it. enter image description here

  3. I have downloaded and written to dvd the dvd2 and dvd3 iso images. I cant even install sudo without internet so i try install from dvd but it kee[s asking for dvd. How to know which package is on which DVD. enter image description here
  4. Help would be much much appreciated

It is Waiting for you to install the RA Link Linux Driver.

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    I hooked up a wired Internet connection installed non free firmware WICD, Network Manager. And Bingo. It works. – Aviik Jul 1 '19 at 4:09

The name of your WiFi adapter is the new-style predictable network device name, in this case based on its MAC address.

Regarding your problem with apt-cdrom, the man page says:

   -d, --cdrom
       Mount point; specify the location to mount the CD-ROM. This mount
       point must be listed in /etc/fstab and properly configured.

In other words, your /etc/fstab file should contain a line like this (assuming that /dev/sr0 is the name of your CDROM device):

/dev/sr0 /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,noauto 0 0

Also, the mount point directory (here /media/cdrom0) must exist as an empty directory when the CDROM is unmounted.

/media/$USER is not usually the mount point, but a parent directory of mount points generated by udisksd, the system daemon implementing easy removable media access for non-root users. But apt-cdrom does not want udisksd-based mounts; it wants a traditional fstab-based mount point.

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