Let's say the SPEC file contains,

Requires: python >= 1.3, perl

Without forging a whole RPM, is there anyway to query the database for whether or not a a query like the following is satisfied by the system installs (without having to install further packages),

python >= 1.3, perl

Can I query the database for python >= 1.3, perl using base tools, or the underlying librpm?

I see I can query to see whether or not I have Python with,

$ rpm -q "python"

And likewise with perl, but is there anyway to to provide a query string and get back whether or not the dependencies are satisfied?

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Off the shelf, no. However if you split on comma you can produce the version list of the software

rpm --qf '%{NAME}:%{VERSION}\n' -q -- perl
rpm --qf '%{NAME}:%{VERSION}\n' -q -- python

As I work more on this problem I plan on updating this.

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