I just switch from debian stable to fedora 30 to have more up-to-date software, but it seems I didn't configure it in the right way

Example octave

In debian I installed octave via flatpak, its version was the latest 5.1. On fedora, the octave's version in the repository (that is using dnf install octave) is 4.4 ... Of course I can install octave-5.1 from flatpak on fedora but this is not my idea. Did I forget to configure fedora to obtain the latest version of any software (like an equivalent of the backports repository) ?


It looks like Fedora 30 currently offers octave-4.4.1 which you seem to have already found.

I could only find octave-5.1.0 packaged for Fedora Rawhide (testing). You could try to download the source RPM from Rawhide and attempt to build it on Fedora 30 to see what happens.

Looking at this bug report, it looks like octave-5.1.0 will soon be released for both Fedora 29 and Fedora 30.

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