I have two computers running Kubuntu 18.04.

From the client, I connect to the server with ssh, all is going well:

ssh -X $SERVER_IP 'export $(dbus-launch); plasmashell'

I'm able to interact with the desktop as if I was on the server.

But the problem is that I have two plasma shell at the same time, the client's and the server's.

So I tried to create an xsession .desktop file to launch ssh instead of kde on the client.

Without success.

I'm able to launch a graphical program (like xterm) in which I launch ssh but in that case, I have no window manager, so I can't close the windows I open.

So my question is:

How to construct a /usr/share/xsession/remote.desktop file that would be able to:

  • launch the kde WM: /usr/bin/kwin
  • launch a SSH session: /usr/bin/ssh -X .....

Note: I perform all my test on virtualbox computers.



Two step:

  1. Create a script that will launch kwin and ssh
  2. Create the ad-hoc xsession file

1. Create a /usr/bin/startssh file:

ssh -X $SERVER_IP 'export $(dbus-launch); plasmashell; exit'

Make it executable:

chmod +x /usr/bin/startssh

2. Create a /usr/share/xsession/remote.desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
DesktopNames=Remote ssh
X-KDE-PluginInfo-Version=5.12.7 # line dumbly copied from plasma.desktop file

3. Restart the display manager

sudo systemctl restart sddm.service

Next step: find a clean way to terminate the ssh session, but it will be for another question

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