According to wiki the only thing that I need to install is unity-editor. After I run unity-editor I get:

enter image description here

When I follow the link, I get to https://store.unity.com/download and the official site says Unity is available for Windows or Mac OS X. There's no Linux-based package.


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It's an AppImage, so after you have made sure all listed dependencies are installed, you download the Unity 3d file, put it where you want it, go there (preferably in the path), and make it executable with

$ chmod a+x unityhub-2.0.2.AppImage

then launch it.

$ ./unityhub-2.0.2.AppImage

Just install this package from AUR: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/unity-editor-bin/.

There is no need to install any dependencies, it works out of the box.

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