I want to forward remote DLNA-Server (Plex DLNA), which is running on an VPS per SSH Forwarding to my LAN.

I experimented already with Local Port Forwarding to get Plex (Port 32400) from VPS working on Local Plex Client.

Now DLNA is using Broadcast (..) so I am not sure how to realize that in correct way.


  • Remote VPS running Debian 9 (DLNA-Server)
  • Local Single-board computer (Odroid C2), at my LAN at home. (Unix)


  • SSH Port forwarding for DLNA from VPS to LAN over internet.
  • I think you're gonna need a VPN for this, as an SSH tunnel won't cut it when it comes to broadcasts. I'm happy to be taught something else, though. – Panki Jun 24 at 13:38
  • multicast over SSH wont work. At most multicast over GRE – Rui F Ribeiro Jun 24 at 14:05
  • Yes, that is my Plan B, but I much prefer SSH Tunneling atm. I think the problems with SSH are: - To forward UDP (and TCP) - Is it possible to 'just route the traffic to my LAN Broadcast adress' using Iptables? – jonath Jun 24 at 14:07
  • SSH TAP tunnel should work? – jonath Jun 24 at 16:33

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