I need your precious support and advices for a kind of setup for my home computing.

So... I have two laptops and a desktop that I use same (or different) times. Every computer has a different distro (Arch for desktop, openSUSE for laptop1 and LinuxMINT for laptop2) with everyone its own purposes.

I also have a small SoC board.

And now my question... I'd like to setup the small SoC as a MASTER with attached a 2TB eSATA HDD and put it inside my LAN (via eth). What I need is that when I use one of the three computers, they sync specific folders with the "MASTER" and theese folders are taken up at every boot.

Example: MASTER has unique partition of 2TB with: /dwn, /doc, /music, /film, /tv, /pictures, /src_build.

I download the PDF of an invoice in PC2/home/mysameusername/dwn, but then I move into PC2/home/mysameusername/doc. Actually the file is saved in MASTER/doc.

Then I turn on PC3 and rip a DVD into PC3/home/mysameusername/film; again, the file is actuyally saved in MASTER/film and I can read it from every others PCs. The ripped DVD will be converted using PC1 and the converted file will be stored inside MASTER/film; the original rip will be deleted after. Then when it's time to transfer some photos from the phone to PC1/home/mysameusername/pictures, the files will be actually stored in MASTER/pictures. After some time I travel, and save some photos inside PC2/home/mysameusername/pictures; when I return home I'd like that PC2 automatically saves new photos inside MASTER. Ecc...

The result is:

MASTER[/dwn, /doc, /music, /film, /tv, /pictures, /src_build] will autosync on every boot desktop, laptop1, laptop2

And from every computer, files (and sub-folders) will be synced, modified, red, deleted, renamed, etc...

How is done this? Can you pleas explain how to set-up or which online documentation should I look for?

Hope you could understand my idea / question, english is not my First language!


Ok... Thanks to @Panki comments I managed to clarify my doubts... So let me summarize!

  1. This LDAP directory can be either local (installed on the same computer) or network (e.g. in a lab environment where central authentication is desired).
  2. Setting up an OpenLDAP Server with SSL + NFS for User Home Directories

1) This is what, indeed, I was looking for (THANKS to Paki to understand my real need)

2) Good: directories are taken up on boot from a server, but... What if I boot a computer outside from my home LAN?

  • Have you taken a look at rsync? Also, what is supposed to happen if the "Master" is not reachable, i.e. if you use the laptop outside of your LAN?
    – Panki
    Jun 24 '19 at 13:10
  • In fact... I mean, I'm away home several times. I'd like to autosync the new files as soon as the laptop is connected to my home LAN. Are you telling me I (almost) always have no local files in my laptops?
    – betoniera
    Jun 24 '19 at 13:22
  • Uhh.. No, I'm not. Take a look at Nextcloud and similar, seems like it'd fit your purpose.
    – Panki
    Jun 24 '19 at 13:36
  • But I'd like to stay away from everything is cloud related... I don't want to costantly upload over the internet... I'm looking around, seems Windows has a way to login from a central machine and keep local files and also sync folders over LAN. Is Domain, am I right? Is there such a thing on Linux?
    – betoniera
    Jun 24 '19 at 13:44
  • ... you can run the cloud at home and only sync when you're actually there. To your "domain" question, take a look at what ldap is.
    – Panki
    Jun 24 '19 at 13:48

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