I am working on a project in which I need to interface directly with the WLAN Network Interface card, i.e., using the drivers of course. It is lot like wireshark. Also, I want to send some custom built frames using the NIC. I mean, I want the output of the physical layer directly, i.e., a bunch of bits. Is there any system call in Linux that can help?

Thank you!!

Edit: My question: How can I do the things mentioned above? A small example will be really helpful.


The "physical layer" used for WLAN is more complicated than you think, it's actually several layers.

Out of the box, without hacking and modifying the firmware of a specific card, the lowest you can get is to capture packets with 802.11 headers, by enabling "monitor mode" in that driver (which usually will give you a second WLAN interface).

Wireshark can capture and display those headers. See e.g. here for details, see man iw how to enable monitor mode, use iw phy to see if your hardware supports monitor mode.

See aircrack-ng for other tools you can use for capture and injection of packets on that level.

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