Case scenario:

  • I have installed a program, say TeamViewer.
  • Now I have a beautiful icon (shortcut) inside the Programs or DashBoard or Unity or whatever it is called now on my X-Windows flavour.
  • I have created a new folder on my Desktop, say MyFolder.
  • I just want to move/copy this shortcut to that folder.

I have reviewed a zillion methods, all of them requiring creating text/config files, stablishing permissions, searching for executable files, and even installing alternate tools.

Isn't there a simple way to do this on X-Windows?

The Window's method is pretty fair: just dragging the shortcut to the MyFolder copies it.

Further notes:

  • Solutions accepted for any X-Windows interface: Gnome, XFCe, KDE... etc (I don't mind to install the full graphical interface if this will solve my problem).
  • The same pretty fair method work on xfce ??? – ctac_ Jun 22 at 14:00
  • Working, @ctac_ . I have installed it, and, indeed, XFCe allows shortcuts dragging. You should write it down as a possible answer. Thanks you. – Sopalajo de Arrierez Jun 22 at 15:07

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