I'm trying to run lxc inside of a chroot.

$ lxc-start -n instrument --logfile=/dev/stdout
lxc-start 20190619141851.659 ERROR    lxc_cgfs - cgroups/cgfs.c:cgfs_init:2359 - cgroupfs failed to detect cgroup metadata

I tried to mount (where target the path to my chroot is):

/bin/bash -c "sudo mount --bind /proc ${target}/root/proc/"
/bin/bash -c "sudo mount --bind /sys ${target}/root/sys/"
/bin/bash -c "sudo mount --bind /dev ${target}/root/dev/"
/bin/bash -c "sudo mount --bind /dev/pts ${target}/root/dev/pts"

/bin/bash -c "sudo mount --bind /sys/fs ${target}/root/sys/fs"
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    Since you are bind mounting /dev, and /sys, the last two commands to bind /dev/pts, and /sys/fs are redundant.
    – oxr463
    Jun 19, 2019 at 15:12

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Installing cgroupfs-mount and running it seems to be enough to mount all needed cgroupfs mounts.

apt install cgroupfs-mount

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