I'm trying to write a script to update just the hostname in the tnsnames.ora file.

I'm needing the entry to work case insensitive. For example ${DBNAME} is lowercase database name and in my tnsnames.ora file it has capital and lowercase entries i.e DEV and dev, DEV1 and dev1.

Any ideas how to make this part (${DBNAME}.WORLD|${DBNAME}1.WORLD) case insensitive?

sed -re "/^(${DBNAME}.WORLD|${DBNAME}1.WORLD) =/,/^$/s/HOST = ${HOSTNAME}/HOST = ${NEW_DBIP_NAME}/" ${TNS_ADMIN}/tnsnames.ora

  • Have you tried adding the i modifier? Also, please add an example complete with input file excerpt and desired output.
    – simlev
    Jun 19 '19 at 8:10

Probably something like:

sed -re "/^(${DBNAME}.WORLD|${DBNAME}1.WORLD)/I 

The I should make it case insensitive. Add in a g if you want to make it global.

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