i like to write a oneliner which gets me all remote url from my cloned repositories underneath my git_repo folder (personal git root folder) and to pipe into a file my idea was something like

cat */.git/config | grep remote.origin.url= >> git_repos.txt

but of course this does not work.

  • Are you trying to match a particular line in your .git/config file? If so, which one and why doesn't your own suggestion work? (There's no "of course" here.) – roaima Jun 18 at 15:43

This will list all your remote URLs for remotes named “origin” in any git repositories beneath the current directory:

find . -path '*/.git/config' -execdir git remote get-url origin \;

It finds files named config inside a .git directory, and from every containing directory, runs git remote get-url origin which shows the remote URL for the “origin” remote in the current repository.

  • thanks that worked! – TheRojam Jun 24 at 10:38

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