When troubleshooting script ran by Apache, I use the following:

journalctl -f -uhttpd

When executed on the command line, under my normal username I first do:

php testing_new_socket_server.php

and then in another terminal use the following:

journalctl -f

On the machine in question, I have a PHP based server running under a different user than myself and set up using systemctl with unit name phpsocketserver.service which is making a lot of chatter to journalctl and I don't want to see the log associated with it.

How can I just see the log associated with testing_new_socket_server.php?


You can restrict the output to lines matching some logged field by adding field=value items to the command, eg to see logs from process 11333 only:

journalctl -f _PID=11333

The fields are listed in man systemd.journal-fields.

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