I have installed yarn - Node.js package manager (alternative to npm):

$ sudo apt install yarnpkg
$ dpkg -l | grep yarn
ii  yarnpkg                           1.13.0-1                     all          Fast, reliable and secure npm alternative

But it has installed only the yarnpkg command:

$ dpkg -L yarnpkg | grep usr/bin/

I think this is some Debian-specific change? I have expected that the command would be yarn like elsewhere (for example when installed from official yarn repository).

Why is it this way? How can I make it possible to run yarnpkg as yarn? Is there any standardized way, did I miss something, or should I just create symlink /usr/bin/local/yarn?


You don't need to add the yarnpkg repository. yarn and yarnpkg are available on debian Buster:

Disable the yarnpkg repo:

# sed -i 's/^/#/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yarn.list

then install yarn from debian repository:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install yarn

It will install cmdtest which provide yarn command (/usr/bin/yarn).

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    But that's entirely different thing - "yarn - scenario testing of Unix command line tools" :) But I see why "yarn - the package manager" is yarnpkg - it would conflict with this (older?) package. – Messa Jun 18 at 10:28

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