The system version is centos6.5, it stuck today, and there is no log at all in /var/log/messages, When I connect the host with a display device, it shows log blow: log

and the mouse and keyboard were stuck too.


Looks like the kernel has paniced (crashed), apparently when trying to get statistics from the tg3 Broadcom NIC driver. You'll need to reset the system to let it reboot again.

You probably should update the system, or at least the kernel, to CentOS 6.[latest] and see if the crash happens again. If you have any third-party driver packages, you should update them too, or re-evaluate if they are still necessary with the latest CentOS 6.x kernel.

The latest CentOS kernels include Spectre/Meltdown fixes, and I've experienced some bad interactions (ranging from annoying "NICs locking up randomly about a week after the system is rebooted" to "100% reproducible crash at boot time") with certain proprietary pre-Spectre/Meltdown drivers when combined with post-Spectre/Meltdown kernels.

You can check any third-party modules using the modinfo command: if the command modinfo <module-name> | grep retpoline does not output the line

retpoline:      Y

then the module is from before the Spectre/Meltdown fixes and should probably be updated.

  • Thank you for your answer, is there any method to record the logs when system panic or crash ? – LuHongwei Jun 18 at 8:30

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