I have Intel Core-i7 8650U processor. I transcode video with ffmpeg. I take attempts to accelerate it. Now I use VAAPI codecs in ffmpeg (h264_vaapi) and vaapi rescaling (scale_vaapi) in filters. And when I use them my CPU load is not on maximum, but framerate doesn't insrease more. So I think that VAAPI's resources are over. So I have to monitor the usage of Intel graphics hardware that is in my CPU. Is there any API or tool that could show usage of this hardware? (It would be cool to know both tool(like htop) and opportunity to request it at moment from any script (like ps aux) or at least one of them).

For CPU it's htop For NVIDIA GPUs it's nvidia-smi For VAAPI it's ...?

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There is a tool for checking Intel iGPU usage: intel_gpu_top

You can install it in ubuntu via:

$ sudo apt-get install intel-gpu-tools

Or download it from official web page: https://www.x.org/archive/individual/app/intel-gpu-tools-1.22.tar.xz

After it is available in your OS, you just need to run it using sudo privileges and close it using Ctrl+C:

$ sudo intel_gpu_top
intel-gpu-top -   18/  17 MHz;   96% RC6;  0.03 Watts;       46 irqs/s

      IMC reads:   ------ (null)/s
     IMC writes:   ------ (null)/s

          ENGINE      BUSY                                                                                                        MI_SEMA MI_WAIT
     Render/3D/0    1.88% |█▉                                                                                                   |      0%      0%
       Blitter/0    0.00% |                                                                                                     |      0%      0%
         Video/0    0.00% |                                                                                                     |      0%      0%
  VideoEnhance/0    0.00% |                                                                                                     |      0%      0%

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