For instance, I have a data like below:

Transmit.123 Invite Members A
Transmit.123 Invite Members GC
Transmit.111 Invite Members F
Transmit.222 Invite Members DE
Transmit.222 Invite Members H
Transmit.333 Invite Members M
Transmit.333 Invite Members KL

Output should file should have below data:

Transmit.123 Invite Members AGC
Transmit.222 Invite Members DEH
Transmit.333 Invite Members MKL
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    What about Transmit.111? Why don't you want to see that one? – glenn jackman Jun 17 at 16:06
  • yeah I can do other way around also, where I keep unique rows and put duplicate rows (entirely, origin plus copy) in another file. Transmit.111 is also required but my big concern is to combine the values of column 4 of one which have duplicate columns.1 values. – Shivani Jun 18 at 14:23

Something like this:

cat file |
  perl -ne '/(Transmit.\d+ Invite Members )(.*)/ and $a{$1}.=$2;
      END { print map { $_,$a{$_},"\n" } sort keys %a }'
  • no luck with above command! – Shivani Jun 17 at 16:41
  • @Shivani, what's wrong with it? It looks to me like it does what you need. – glenn jackman Jun 18 at 16:41

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