I want to join 3 files on a column which has sorted unique numeric values (those files have only one column of values though) and starts with same prefix for an example "usi".

Now, while I am doing this

join -j 1 ../Test_Data/usi* > ../Test_Data/join_output.txt

I am finding following error:

join: extra operand `usi_rtree_lw_100000.txt'
Try `join --help' for more information.

Any ideas?


join accepts only 2 files to join. To operate on 3 file you have to use 2 join calls:

join -j 1 <(join -j 1 ../Test_Data/usi-1 ../Test_Data/usi-2) ../Test_Data/usi-3 > ../Test_Data/join_output.txt

The above command requires bash, as uses process substitution. If you use another shell, please specify which.

Update according to the comment.
If you know only a file name pattern instead of exact file names, let the shell expand the pattern, capture the expanded list in an array then use the array elements as parameters:

join -j 1 <(join -j 1 "${file[0]}" "${file[1]}") "${file[2]}"
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  • actually the problem is , I know only the prefixes of the files,I cant use the exact names of them. – Nawshad Farruque Oct 22 '12 at 7:54

POSIX shell variants of manatwork's answer:

  1. printf '"%s" ' ../Test_Data/usi* | { read a b c ; join $a $b | join - $c ; }

  2. set -- ../Test_Data/usi* ; join "$1" "$2" | join - "$3"

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