I have just started learning web scraping, and so far, I have understood that I need to install a library called simple_html_dom.

Everywhere I have seen for now, people download it from sourceforge and put the file simple_html_dom.php at the same folder where index.php is and just write include("simple_html_dom") in the index.php

I suppose all that is valid when the one is working with Windows; I wonder how can I do the same using a Linux system (Debian, for example)?

I have discovered that I can use the sudo apt-get install php-xml command for that and when I check dom extension using <?php phpinfo(); ?> I clearly see that it's all installed.

It's just I cannot see the simple_html_dom.php file in my folder near the index.php when I work in Linux.

Is that ok? Can I do the same as for Windows - e.g. just put the include("simple_html_dom") into my index.php and go on?

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