I had dual booted Windows 10 and Linux Mint a while ago and have a bit of a weird setup. Windows is installed on an SSD, and I had Linux mint on a partition on a separate HDD. I can't remember exactly where I had grub installed, but I believe it was on the HDD because my PC would always boot to grub and the HDD was set to have the highest boot priority.

Today, I removed the partition that contained Linux Mint and installed Manjaro there. After doing that, my PC booted straight to Manjaro without going to grub first.

Later I went to boot into my windows installation by selecting the SSD as the boot device because I can't access grub, and I got an error from grub saying "no such device". Does this mean grub is installed on the SSD?

Trying to fix the issue, I deleted the new Manjaro partition and my PC still shows the same grub error no matter which drive I attempt to boot into (except for a manjaro liveUSB)

Here are the results from Boot Info Script. (dev/sdd is the manjaro liveUSB I am currently using)

I really appreciate any help with this.

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