If I change TTY to 2, then run startx, then change to TTY 1 and stop Xorg (by killing Xorg or the process I started with startx), TTY changes to 2. Can I stop Xorg without switching, i.e. stay on the same TTY?

  • Killing X requires X to become active, which requires the tty X is on to become active. Of course you can change back ("stay on the same TTY"), if you remember which TTY you were on somewhere... – dirkt Jun 15 at 17:01
  • @dirkt Right, but if I do service lightdm start, then return to TTY 1 and do service lightdm stop, I stay on TTY 1. – Arseny Jun 15 at 18:55

You need to start Xorg with the -novtswitch option.

From here.

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