I have recently installed arch. Noticed that when shutting it down often a "A stop job is running for session 3 of root.." message appears which takes 1:30 minutes to dissapear. Further investigation and looking at journalctl led me to the conclusion that this happens everytime I run dhcpcd. I do this so I can have internet access, first ip link set something upand then dhcpcd. If I kill dhcpcd the system shuts down without problem.

What should I do?

  • I installed NetworkManager and don't have problem with that anymore. – RUBEN GONÇALO MOROUÇO Jun 15 '19 at 19:26

Without seeing more detail in your logs. I'd recommend looking at the logs to determine why the process is hanging (so long). A look at the termination command might provide some clues. You might compare that with some of the others to get a better idea why DHCPD is hanging, while the others are not.


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