I need to create an easy to go Debian VM for new developers on my team. I run a script on boot with rc.local.

This is a small test script :


exec < /dev/tty1

# Checking if user default exists    
if id -u "default" 1>/dev/null 2>&1; then
    echo "VM is not initialized"
    echo "VM is initialized"

# Trying to prompt user
read -p "Hello : " world

# Checking user input   
echo "Hello $world"

exit 0

My main issue is that I can prompt user with exec < /dev/tty1 but I can't display anything with echo "Hello $world" or read -p "Hello : " world.

I already manage to execute a script before gui boot with rc.local. I need to ask for user information to perform some configurations.

The script in my first message is just a test. Actually, the script prompt works but the prompt message and the echo that follows do not display since I needed to use exec < /dev/tty1 for the prompt to work. Now, I need to find a solution to be able to prompt user and to display messages.

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    What are you actually trying to do? – roaima Jun 14 at 22:01
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