When I was using Manjaro, Pragha would automatically integrate with Cinnamon, and clicking the volume icon in tray would bring up media controls like play/stop.

In Debian testing with Cinnamon 3.8 this doesn't seem to happen. Media keys for play/stop on the keyboard also don't work (I configured them with Keyboard settings). The problem is probably with Cinnamon's tray - for example, the "System tray" applet gives an error when launching and icons of my tray programs sometimes don't show up (telegram does, but nextcloud client doesn't).

I asked on the Cinnamon repo and they said to update Cinnamon. But this is the version that Debian has. Am I stuck now waiting for months or years for Debian to finally approve the new Cinnamon into testing repos? Or is there anything I can do to fix this?

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