I would like to authorize wheel group to rm in a specific folder (in this case my folder is "CT").

I've tried to add this line in visudo:

%wheel All=(ALL) /bin/rm /CT/

I have a test files "test1" in CT folder and when I try to rm with wheel user, I get the message that I'm not authorized to run /bin/rm test1

  • I would like to allow rm * for all CT folder. There won't be sub folders, only files. Thx for your help – MLocci Jun 14 at 14:54
  • I was just testing but in the end there will be only files. My bad. – MLocci Jun 14 at 15:00
  • I didn't know I had to be this specific in sudoer file. I've just edited my question. Thx for your advices – MLocci Jun 14 at 15:08
  • You don't have to be this specific. But if you're only going to delete files why let people delete directories too? – roaima Jun 14 at 15:13

Since you only want to remove files from the /CT directory itself, this could be done without any reference to sudo.

Initially you need to set the group ownership and permissions as root:

chgrp wheel /CT
chmod g+rwx /CT

Now users in the wheel group have permission to (create and) delete any files in this directory without using sudo:

rm -f /CT/unwanted.txt

Your command allows wheel group users to run rm /CT/. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You could try this, which will allow users to remove /CT/ and anything inside it provided they use the exact same flags as specified here:

%wheel ALL=(ALL) /bin/rm -rf /CT/*

My general preference for sudo control is to write a script that validates the arguments, and have that script permitted through sudo. Perhaps something like this might suffice, which checks that the target is a file inside the folder /CT

for item in "$@"
    real=$(readlink "$item")
    if [[ "$real" =~ ^/CT/. ]] && [[ -f "$real" ]]
        rm -f -- "$item"
        [[ -t 2 ]] && echo "Refusing to remove '$item'" >&2
exit $ss

You can add other conditions to require the target to be a directory, to have particular ownership, etc.

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