How to cut first 3 folders from a string?

For example:

echo "/home/source/Oracle/test" |cut -d'/' -f4 

gives only one folder name, but I need up to the 3rd folder, like below:

echo "/home/test/var/opt" | ... command here ...

should return /home/test/var


Use cut -d "/" -f1-4

ebvjr@Maintenance:~$ echo /home/test/var/opt | cut -d "/" -f1-4
  • Great. One more correct answer. This worked as well. – Muru Jun 13 at 20:00

cut is fine as @ebvjr says, just remember that you need 4 fields because the first is empty.

If you grep then the code is longer but perhaps more intuitive ({3} = the 3rd sub-folder).

grep -Po "(/[^/]+){3}" <<<"/home/test/var/opt"
  • Great. Thanks for your time and helping here. it working – Muru Jun 13 at 19:59

I have done by below awk method


echo "/home/test/var/opt"| awk -F "/" 'OFS="/"{print $1,$2,$3,$4}'



Usually, pathnames are modified through the two utilities basename and dirname, or through parameter substitutions, rather than by line-based text editing utilities.

This is because, technically, pathnames may contain newlines, which would make it difficult to work on the reliably with line-based tools such as cut (or sed or awk etc.)

The example that you have is to get the pathname of the parent directory of /home/test/var/opt. This is best done with

dirname /home/test/var/opt

This would return /home/test/var. This would work even if the given pathname had a / at the end.

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