We are doing a:

vi /etc/systemd/system/cpupower.service

Description=CPU powersave

ExecStart=/usr/bin/cpupower idle-set -D 0
ExecStart=/usr/bin/cpupower frequency-set -g performance



chmod 644 /etc/systemd/system/cpupower.service; systemctl enable cpupower.service

on SLES12.3 machines, but after reboot this doesn't sets them!

It will only get set if we do a "systemctl restart cpupower.service" manually..

The Question: how to make it permanent, so it will be set after every reboot?

sed -i.$(date +%F-%Hh-%Mm-%Ss) 's/#governor/governor/g; s/#energy_perf_bias/energy_perf_bias/g; s/#min_perf_pct/min_perf_pct/g' /usr/lib/tuned/*/tuned.conf

tuned helped! (off: it should be modified in /etc/, not in /usr, since a tuned update could remove the setting)

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