I have lots of directories in a certain directory and I am trying to find a specific file present in there. I used grep command recursively and was able to locate the file being present in there, but I don't know where it is present exactly. So, how can I use cat on that file to display the contents of that file?

PS- I finally got it. I was doing it all wrong. Thanks for the replies.

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    grep recursive should print the file path by default. What options did you use? – muru Jun 13 at 12:36
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    you tagged find; did you use find in combination with grep somehow? How? – Jeff Schaller Jun 13 at 12:43
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    You wrote "I used grep command recursively and was able to locate the file being present in there". To make it more clear what you want, I suggest to edit your question and show the command(s) you used. – Bodo Jun 13 at 13:02

Use below command

find  path -type f -iname "filename" -exec cat {} \;

I am not 100% what you want, but consider the following:

grep -Rl pattern | xargs cat

grep -l will print only the file location relative to your current working directory, while xargs will redirect it to cat thus instantly printing the content of the file(s) found.

  • until the pattern is in a file named with spaces... – Jeff Schaller Jun 13 at 17:34

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