I have just started to learn snmp protocols and notably centreon program and I need to find out how can a verify a web-page response or a web-service (in HTTP simple mode).

The only sourse I have found for a moment is this one https://documentation-fr.centreon.com/docs/plugins-packs/fr/1.x/catalog.html where it says "App-Protocol-HTTP, a model to supervise an HTTP server".

I wonder what that suppose to mean? Is it somehow linked to a snmp protocol or not at all?

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    SNMP is not designed to check HTTP responses. Wrong tool for the task!
    – Panki
    Jun 13, 2019 at 12:16

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Centreon can collect information on various systems using SNMP, that's true.

But Centreon plugins can add other methods for collecting information. In particular, App-Protocol-HTTP adds the ability to make HTTP queries and check for:

  • response time
  • presence of a specific string in a HTTP response
  • presence of specific SOAP or JSON content

This has nothing to do with SNMP. With plugins, Centreon can and will do more than just SNMP.

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