I want to deploy Linux Mint on ~40 PCs.

If I do that, I will need a centralized way to control those PCs.

For Example,

  1. install/remove software on all those PCs on the same time,
  2. set environment variables on all those PCs on the same time,
  3. Change wallpaper on all those PCs on the same time, ETC.

I did some research. The references are -

Group policy with Linux servers?

How to manage enterprise network of Linux machines?

Deploying software to multiple ubuntu clients

user policies on Ubuntu Server

And found that the solutions include Spacewalk, landscape, chef and puppet.

Please let me know if I missed something during my research. Being said that, I am interested to use Ansible which was not recommended in the forums I visited. Will Ansible perform tasks 1, 2, and 3?

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Ansible will perform the three tasks you outlined above, and provides multiple examples of how to configure their playbooks of actions you can apply to all devices, or selectively based on conditions.

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