I'm using Linux Mint, how can I check which Graphics drivers are being used ? I want to enable the Intel Hd graphics drivers, whcih I think are already installed (how would I check?).

How do I enable them?

I've tried to edit the grub file to ALWAYS boot nomodeset, but then it's in software rendering mode.

When i go to Device Manager no drivers are listed at all.

I have been reading questions and answers about this but everyone seems to give the same answer, "JUST install the drivers for the on-board graphics and get it to work"

Where do I start, is there something I can read to give me guidance.

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    I had to remove 2 broken libs....before I could install grub customizer....then I ran it to permanently put nomodeset on the grub.....so at least when I boot now it goes straight into Linux without me having to edit every time.....and that is where I am so far.... – nuimshaan Jun 12 at 17:41
  • Could you include additional information to your post? It is not clear what you are having an issues with. Please add the output of lshw -c video and use modinfo to learn more about what the driver that is loaded. When it comes to Intel or Radeon graphics, the included drivers with the kernel should work just fine. Do you not have a graphical environment when you boot? Please edit your post to include these details. Thank you. – kemotep Jun 17 at 13:10

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