I use

make | tee >(split -d -b 10000000 - debug.log.0)

to split the output into several debug files after reaching 10MB.

this results in files called debug.log.000, debug.log.001, debug.log.002 ...

I could rename them afterwards with

for i in debug*; do echo $i; done

But how can I reconstruct the command, so they get the ending .log at the end of each file directly?


You can choose the file-ending for the split files with the option --additional-suffix

make | tee >(split --additional-suffix=.log -d -b 10000000 - debug.0)
  • This is not posix – ctac_ Jun 12 '19 at 16:42
find . -maxdepth 1 -size +10M -exec du -shk {} \;| sed "s/\.\///g"|awk '$1 > 50 {print "split -l Specifylinenumber"  " " $2}'|sh

After above file whose size is greater than 10M will be splitted as xaa,xab,xac and so on

Use below command to get it renamed

f=1;for i in xa*; do  mv $i debug.log.00$f; f=$(($f+1)); done

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