Currently I have two HANA DB servers in a cluster and replication is not running. Upon checking from SUSE Hawk, node 2 is acting as primary node and node 1 is available. How do I confirm that node 2 is primary?

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try as sidadm (where sid is your SID).

cd /usr/sap/sid/HDB000/exe/pyhton_support
python systemReplicationStatus.py
(lines with service, site name, secondary site name, etc ...)

Local System Replication State

site id: 1
site name: MOON_SID

lasts line will tell you

  • if you are primary/secondary
  • in site name line , moon is your hostname

you might also parse result of crm_mon -1R (as root)

  • Replication is not running at the moment and the output shows this system is not a system replication site. Hope you could advise – Fabian19 Jun 11 at 12:20
  • Hello @Fabian19 I am afraid no, HANA replication is beyond my scope. I guess you have some sort of external support or higher level internal support avaiable. – Archemar Jun 11 at 13:28

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