In KVM, NIC model can be set to virtio (latest) or the older e1000 (not recommended, emulated). In virtio, one has the option of using vhost-net driver or qemu.

vhost-net and qemu differs in how packets are sent from guest to host and subsequently sent to physical NIC.

The vhost-net module is a kernel-level back end for virtio networking that reduces virtualization overhead by moving virtio packet processing tasks out of user space (the QEMU process) and into the kernel (the vhost-net driver). vhost-net is only available for virtio network interfaces. If the vhost-net kernel module is loaded, it is enabled by default for all virtio interfaces, but can be disabled in the interface configuration if a particular workload experiences a degradation in performance when vhost-net is in use. cite

My question is, how do one check if vhost-net module is loaded or not? Does the usual command modinfo work here as well?

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To see which kernel modules are loaded use the lsmod command.

You can use grep to pipe the output of lsmod to filter something more desirable.


# lsmod | grep net
vhost_net              24576  10
vhost                  45056  1 vhost_net
tap                    24576  1 vhost_net

This host is using vhost_net kernel module - I happen to have 10 adapters configured, the output of ifconfig lists 10 vnet adapters. The 10 in the lsmod | grep output is the number of times the kernel module is being used.

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