I've been following carefully and reading a lot about setting up crontab with crontab -e any help is appreciated on this ...

I have a process that runs on startup (reboot) that works perfectly, and I want it to continue to run every minute but that does not happen. I do have a new-line (linefeed) at the end of the 2nd line. THANKS!! I have program /dir/xxx that works great on reboot but the same process set to run every minute never triggers. My crontab -e is as follows:

@reboot /dir/xxx
/1 * * * * /dir/xxx

I do have a newline after the second line.


I wonder how your crontab accepted this. What you mean by /1 in fact should be */1. Try it out.

And if it's all in one line, like:

@reboot /dir/xxx /1 * * * * /dir/xxx

Then there should be a new line between both (and */1) instead of /1:

@reboot /dir/xxx
*/1 * * * * /dir/xxx

In the one line version /1 * * * * /dir/xxx would be treated and passed as arguments to /dir/xxx. With * undergoing path expansion.

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