I am trying to extract 2 strings from a multiline text.


This line finds some match at the beginning of the string and puts it in a variable inCol.

inCol=$(perl -e 'print $1 if $ARGV[0]=~/^(\\033\[.*?m).*$/mi; ' -- "${postmsg}")

I also want to grab what is the rest of the string (basically the .*$) I tried with this:

inVal=$(perl -e 'print $1 if $ARGV[0]=~/^\\033\[.*?m(.*)$/mi; ' -- "${postmsg}")

This actually works if my input is a one line string. If not, then nothing comes out.

.*$ matches to end of line... tried with \Z but nothing. tried with .* alone, and nothing.

Tried with various modifiers etc... This must be very simple but I cannot find the answer.

Even better, if this could be done in a single line. instead of running the match twice.

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With bash:


The first removes the longest suffix pattern \n*, the second removes the shortest prefix pattern *\n.


and of course it was simple.

inVal=$(perl -e 'print $2 if $ARGV[0]=~/^(\\033\[.*?m)(.*)$/mis;' -- "${1}")

missing the 's' at the end

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    Why downvote? Still interested if this can be done in a single line.
    – conanDrum
    Jun 10, 2019 at 22:14

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