Need to delete the files from a sftp remote server based on last modified time .Files which are older then 30 days no need to keep in server .I have tried ls -lt ,but how to copy it to local machine and get modified date from there? .Then again need to use rm command to remove files based on the date I got from listing . We don't have ssh access over the sftp server .So can't use mtime to get modified time details directly .Also most of the commands won't support over sftp.Please share you suggestions . The script and commands need to call as part of a etl job .

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    You might be able to do something with Perl or Python, which have built-in libraries to communicate with an SFTP server. – roaima Jun 10 at 14:26

Consider using sshfs to mount the sftp server, which will allow to treat the files as local files.

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