What is the meaning of files that end in -git? For example, I searched in a Terminal for "xcb-imdkit" then pressed tab. xcb-imdkit comes up, as well as "xcb-imdkit-git".


In Arch, it is quite common to see AUR packages of a project’s releases alongside packages of regular snapshots the same project. These snapshot packages are commonly suffixed with -git (at least, when they involve snapshots of a git repository). In some cases, typically when the project doesn’t publish releases, there is no corresponding non--git package.

xcd-imdkit-git is an instance of this pattern: it packages snapshots of the project’s git repository, which doesn’t have any formal release.


I don't think there is a more solid convention here than "it probably has something with Git to do".

Searching for Debian packages which contain matches brings up files for which I can observe the following rough patterns;

  • Some version control tools have modules or components which are specific to git; you would expect to find similar modules with suffices like -svn or -hg or -cvs for other version control systems;
  • Some files or packages are marked as originating from the upstream project's Git repository by using this naming convention (near as I can tell, xcb-imdkit-git is an example of this;
  • Some tools simply are named so as to convey that they somehow operate on a Git repository or allow you to somehow interface to Git;
    • As a special case of this, some projects contain hook scripts which are named so as to suggest their intended use in a particular Git hook.

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