I tried to use the grep command to search for a string like -R in a file. But the command thinks, that I am trying to hand over an option like -i for ignore case.


Try to escape the characters grep \\-R myfile.txt:


$ touch test.txt
$ echo "-R" >> ./test.txt
$ cat test.txt
$ grep \\-R ./test.txt
  • Thank you, your answer also works for me!
    – Adrian
    Jun 9 '19 at 22:13

The -e option for grep is for explicitly saying "the next argument is the pattern":

grep -e -R file

The above would search for line matching -R in the file called file.

The -e option may occur multiple times on the command line, and grep will use all the given patterns (you will get the lines back that matches any of the patterns).


As well as the previously mentioned answers, -- is used to signify the end of options, allowing you to use patterns afterward that may resemble an argument without being interpreted undesirably:

$ echo -R | grep -- '-R'

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