I'm trying to make a Python script which runs in windows, but because of reasons I have to write it in Kali Linux.

Since it doen't exist on Linux, I can't add the additional libraries I need.

Should I give up and write it under Windows?

If I simply put in my imports and commands in my program, will they work when the script will be run in a Windows machine?

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    I do have to ask why you're attempting coding on Kali? It's a specialised distribution for designed penetration testing. – roaima Jun 9 '19 at 21:48

You can’t install pywin32 on Kali Linux because it’s only available for Windows. It provides access to the Win32 APIs and to COM objects, and a Python program intended to work on any Linux distribution shouldn’t need those (or it should only attempt to use them conditionally).

You could always try running Python under Wine but I suspect that would involve losing sight of what you were originally trying to do.

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