I just noticed my Devuan ASCII machine has a /root/.rpmdb folder.

Why would it have been created, seeing how I use apt DEB files, not RPMs? And - how safe is it to delete it?


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Based on the link provided by @SergiyKolodyazhnyy :

If you've used a stand-alone installer for some third-party kernel module in the DKMS framework - DKMS module installers support multiple distros, including those based on rpm. Apparently the installer tries to query your distro's RPM database (which IMHO it shouldn't), and the result of this scan is the silent creation of a $HOME/.rpmdb directory if one does not already exist for the current user. ... and the current user happens to be root when you're installing kernel modules.

Examples of such module packages: VirtualBox, NVIDIA GPUs, ndiswrapper, openswan.

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