what i want is when i start my centos 7 server(minimal) automatically to show to user this site youtube.com and user can just browse and not to do anything else.

So there will be no desktop just the youtube site user can surf

some suggestion i get was:

sudo xinit firefox --new-tab "http://youtube.com"

or nativefier to make youtube like app and launch but idk what should i install on cents to run this, (so i dont want desktop to be installed)

also as i read in forums this is called KIOSK MODE idk if this is correct

Our goal will be to get:

-a minimal installation of the graphical

-server, without desktop environment;

-an automatic launch on startup, in fullscreen;

-no toolbar

  • Running X11 and Firefox as root is an incredibly bad idea. Why not just let gdm autologin as a kiosk user, and make Firefox run on login? – jsbillings Jun 10 at 0:25

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