I downloaded offline zim archives of websites such as wikipedia.com, stackoverflow.com, unix.stackexchange.com etc. and serve them via below script.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import threading 
from zimply import ZIMServer
ZIMServer("/home/user/zim/wikipedia_en_all_novid_2018-05.zim", index_file="/home/user/zim/wikipedia_en_all_novid_2018-05.idx", port=8790, encoding="utf-8")

it works well but when I add another line

 ZIMServer("/home/user/zim/math.stackexchange.com_eng_all_2018-08.zim",  index_file="/home/user/zim/math.stackexchange.com_eng_all_2018-08.idx", port=7890, encoding="utf-8")

it doesn't load the second ZIMServer. I think it's a python multithreading issue. How can I run both of them in the single script?

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