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My bash does not know the letter p. zsh does though.

When I type a p in bash, it simply ignores it, and even pasting in text that contains a p will result in no p in the pasted text. This behavior is the same across terminals (I tried, urxvt, st and tty)

I tried commenting out everything in my ~/.profile, ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc, the problem still persists. Using root though, everything is fine. My /root/.profile, /root/.bash_profile and /root/.bashrc are symlinked to the files in my home directory. So the problem can't originate there, but it's got to be something that is different for root and my user.

I use a custom keyboard layout, but when I switch to standard US keyboard layout, the problem still persists as well.

Just to rule this out as well: I do not use gnome.

Where else can I look?

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    Is there any .inputrc in effect? – choroba Jun 7 at 9:07
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    ha, yes, that's it! I had this left in there: # fix not working delete-key, see https://git.suckless.org/st/file/FAQ.html # line 51 # printf '\033[?1h\033=' >/dev/tty I'm using urxvt again anyways, so it doesn't matter – maddingl Jun 7 at 9:12
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  • Been there, done that :) – choroba Jun 7 at 9:16
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    @maddingl could you copy that content into the answer. This would be a very good one for future readers! I understand this was something you might have done yourself but it's good for people to understand cause -> effect. – Philip Couling Jun 7 at 9:17

Besides the files you mentioned, there could be .inputrc in effect that changes the interpretation of the p key.

Edit: maddingl (the OP) confirms:

That's it. I had left the following in there:

# fix not working delete-key in st, see https://git.suckless.org/st/file/FAQ.html
# line 51
printf '\033[?1h\033=' >/dev/tty

That line does fix the delete-key in st, but it also causes the described problem. I went back to urxvt anyways, so for me it does not matter. If the reader is using st and wants both working p and delete, see the above mentioned link for more info.

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