The Linux kernel documents that you can choose to boot Linux with VESA framebuffer consoles instead of the default 80x25 text mode consoles.

For text application testing purposes, one may need both modes simultaneously. For instance, ALT+1 to ALT+3 in 80x25 text mode and ALT+4 to ALT+6 in framebuffer mode.

Is there a way to achieve dual mode text displays in a single boot?


If you boot the kernel in text mode (standard on x86), you can change the VESA mode after boot with vbetool, using the vbemode action.

If you boot the kernel in framebuffer mode (standard on non-x86), you can change the resolution at runtime with fbset.

When you press ALT+L, etc., the kernel probably sends SIGWINCH to the INIT process (pid 1). The default init program probably generates a kbrequest event, you may be able to pick up on that by modifying /etc/inittab and have init run a script that sets the mode for you.

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