I'm building my own ffmpeg package using checkinstall, with all of the various ffmpeg libraries included. In the Ubuntu package repos these ffmpeg libraries are broken up into many separate packages. Is there any way to tell apt/dpkg that all of these requirements are satisfied by my ffmpeg package. That way, for example, installing Handbrake from the repos would not install the repo package libavfilter7, which would break my ffmpeg build?

So far, I've tried using the --provides or --replaces checkinstall options without success. For example:

sudo checkinstall -y --deldoc=yes --requires=libc6,libsdl2-2.0-0 --pkgversion=10:$ffmpeg_version  --provides=ffmpeg,libavcodec58,libavdevice58,libavfilter7,libavformat58,libavresample4,libavutil56,libpostproc55,libswresample3,libswresample3,ffmpeg-doc
  • Packages that depend on the repository ffmpeg may expect a certain API version and configuration. – llogan Jun 21 at 22:02

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