Every time I boot my (fresh) Debian install with gnome-core with a couple of the packages added that come with gnome. I installed Debian without a desktop environment which boots and reaches the login console fine, after which I installed GNOME. After rebooting, the system hangs after the wall of dmesg. The reason why I believe it's the display manager is because I can Ctrl + Alt + [number] to another TTY and can login fine, but TTY completely locks up and never loads the DM. It should be running GDM. I can't get systemctl to start GDM either, and running startx just hangs until it gives up and shows my prompt again. I've reinstalled twice just to be sure it isn't an edge case. I successfully ran Debian Testing a few months ago without a hitch, but that was with Cinnamon and lightdm, so it's an entirely different situation.

dmesg: https://pastebin.com/B0zL6waq

Xorg log: https://pastebin.com/f61p20t8


In your dmesg output, I found this:

[    1.083529] [drm] amdgpu kernel modesetting enabled.
[    1.083620] [drm:amdgpu_pci_probe [amdgpu]] *ERROR* amdgpu requires firmware installed
[    1.083646] See https://wiki.debian.org/Firmware for information about missing firmware

You'll need to install the firmware-amd-graphics package, which is in the non-free part of Debian repository (because AMD does not give the source code of the firmware to anyone, so it's not compliant with the ideals of Free Software).

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