I'm using busybox tools and I want to take all http links in a web page. I save an example link page by using curl or wget. However, it saves the page as html. How to do it with curl or wget commands?

example webpage = http://www.turanevdekorasyon.com/wp-includes/test/ 

The following data was saved in text format with firefox browser.

Index of /wp-includes/test/

Name <http://www.turanevdekorasyon.com/wp-includes/test/?ND>                                                                             Last modified <http://www.turanevdekorasyon.com/wp-includes/test/?MA>         Size <http://www.turanevdekorasyon.com/wp-includes/test/?SA>  Description  <http://www.turanevdekorasyon.com/wp-includes/test/?DA>

up Parent Directory <http://www.turanevdekorasyon.com/wp-includes/>                                                                 28-May-2019 02:15        -       
[CMP] v1.0.zip <http://www.turanevdekorasyon.com/wp-includes/test/v1.0.zip>                                                                         28-May-2019 02:15       4k       
[CMP] v1.1.zip <http://www.turanevdekorasyon.com/wp-includes/test/v1.1.zip>                                                                         28-May-2019 02:15       4k       
[CMP] v1.2.zip <http://www.turanevdekorasyon.com/wp-includes/test/v1.2.zip>                                                                         28-May-2019 02:15       4k       

Proudly Served by LiteSpeed Web Server at www.turanevdekorasyon.com Port 80

I'd suggest using the File | save As feature of Chromium and save the web page in MHT format after toggling the experimental "Save Page as MHTML" option on, by visiting the link "chrome://flags/#save-page-as-mhtml" in the Chrome browser.

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  • I should be use curl or wget command in shell script file. – Ali Haydar Doğan Jun 5 '19 at 23:02
  • If you want to use those specific tools, then you should ask for that in your question. Suggest you click edit and spell that out clearly. – K7AAY Jun 5 '19 at 23:37

What's the point in using curl or wget? Use lynx:

lynx -dump 'www.example.com'

it will output all the links, shown and hidden.

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  • I'm using busybox tools. Not every command is available. No lynx command. I need to recompile the operating system for lynx. I can't do that. – Ali Haydar Doğan Jun 6 '19 at 10:32
  • Something like wget -qO- example.com | sed -n 's/.*href="([^"]*).*/\1/p' ? – Matteo Fabbroni Jun 6 '19 at 10:44
  • Yes but this command doesn't give result. – Ali Haydar Doğan Jun 6 '19 at 11:01

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