I need to prevent the shell escapes in our systems.These are the sudoers file entries.

Cmnd_Alias OD_DBA_2 = \
                          /bin/rm /*/apps/*, \
                          /bin/rm -[a-z]* /*/apps/*, \
                          /usr/local/bin/kill, \
                          /usr/bin/kill, \

Cmnd_Alias NOEXEC_OD_DBA_2 = \
                      /bin/vi /root/*, \
                      /usr/bin/vim /root/*

ipsqpx  ALL = (root,admin,maq) \
                OD_DBA_2, \

However, after using the NOEXEC flag only for the two commands i.e vi and vim, the user ipsqpx is not able to use sudo /bin/su. The command returns the error.

/bin/su: /bin/bash: Permission denied

If I remove the line NOEXEC:NOEXEC_OD_DBA_2 then the user is able to do /bin/su. I'm not able to fix this.

I need to understand this behavior of the NOEXEC flag.

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