I am trying to find all instances of "type":"FollowEvent", and then within those instances, if the string "actor": is not followed by {, then capture the string enclosed in " that comes immediately after "actor":. Else, capture the string enclosed in " that comes immediately after "login:".

What I have so far:

zgrep -e '"type":"FollowEvent"' /path/to/dir/* | zgrep -o '"actor":(?!{)*' | cut -f2- -d: | cut -d',' -f1 > results_file.txt

EDIT: What this zgrep does:

For all files in /path/to/dir, for all lines that contain "type":"FollowEvent", find "actor:" not followed by {. Then take everything after the :, and before the next ,. Put the results in results_file.txt.


A single line in the files that are being grep'd could look like this:


or like this:

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    As this looks like JSON format why do not use jq? – Romeo Ninov Jun 4 at 18:19
  • Why the downvote? Also, if jq is a solution, could you please show me? – StatsSorceress Jun 4 at 18:34
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    Post a sample JSON snippet containing the instance and show us how would you like to parse it – Inian Jun 4 at 18:34
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    I find it difficult to follow your greps. What is the actual data that you'd like to extract from this JSON document? Is it the target.login bit? – Kusalananda Jun 4 at 18:38
  • Thank you @Inian, I've edited to explain further. – StatsSorceress Jun 4 at 20:11

The username listed as login under target can be had from both JSON documents using jq:

$ jq -r '.payload.target.login' file1.json

Likewise, the login under actor can be had:

$ jq -r '.actor.login' file1.json

If you want to make the output conditional on the type (and not produce anything if the type is not FollowEvent):

jq -r 'select(.type == "FollowEvent") | .actor.login' file1.json
  • I cannot use jq, because I cannot install it. I'm working with Python 2.7, which I suspect is part of the issue. – StatsSorceress Jun 4 at 19:56
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    @StatsSorceress jq has no dependency on Python. You could easily use a JSON parser in Python if you wished to do that instead. – Kusalananda Jun 4 at 20:59
  • Thanks @Kusalananda, but I can't install jq. Is there a way to do if/else within grep? – StatsSorceress Jun 5 at 13:59

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